IDialogue Ottawa

Dialogue In Action

We strive to promote social cohesion through three different levels: bringing together social groups directly, empowering others to do the same, and developing dialogue and community building thinking. Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa activities include not only connecting communities, empowering engagement, and inspiring ideas but also discussion forms, seminars, workshops, conferences, and action on street.


We target an audience that reflects proportional cross-section of people from where is backgrounds living and working in the regions in which we operate.  

Aside from bringing people from different cultures and religions together, we also aim to bring them together from the academic stakeholder, and media sectors. Within all these sectors, professionals and volunteers can have a significant impact on society. In spite of the fact that each sector has a role to play in bringing about a more cohesive and emphatic society. However, they can easily become insular and lack communication channels. As a result of, we aim to creative, constructive dialogue between the different sectors, which will inform and enhance the work of every one of them.


It was a wonderful day! Thanks to Glen Gower for the invite first-ever Stittsville Multicultural Event. Remarkable way to bring the community together along with Mayor Jim Watson.
IDI Ottawa had a wonderful time at Tulipathon 2022 walkathon in honour of Multifaith Housing Initiatives (MHI) 20th anniversary. Thanks everyone for all the efforts.