Nova Scotia

Letter of Condolence

As Intercultural Dialogue Institute of Ottawa, we are shocked by the startling news of Canada’s deadliest mass shooting in Nova Scotia on last Saturday midnight. Alone gunman went on a rampage, killing 22 innocent victims, shattering the sense of peace and security across the Canadian society.

As IDI- Ottawa, we offer our deepest and everlasting condolences to the families of the victims. May their souls rest in eternal peace and May God’s grace be upon them. This incident once again asserts the importance of more communal dialogue and interaction between segments of society to displace the place of hatred and bigotry that may haunt some individuals. While law enforcement still seeks to come up with an explanation over the motives of the killer, we are truly startled by the bloody nature of the tragic attack. This incident should not convince people to retreat to their insular quarters, but rather should emphasize more communal efforts focusing on social peace, communitarian dialogue and fighting the bigotry. Only collectively we can stand a chance against the forces of evil and such attempts aimed at social peace.

As IDI-Ottawa, we again offer our best wishes to Canadian society and our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims.

Intercultural Dialogue Institute of Ottawa
As Board of Directors