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Survivor Games offers physical activities and mind games to children’s groups. There are 3 children in each group, and they will face challenges and see how well they strategize with their team members. At the end of each game, the groups will score points and the two groups at the bottom of the scoreboard will enter the knockout pot. However, if one of the last two teams wins the protection game, it does not enter the elimination pot. Groups in the elimination pot will be eliminated one by one by the votes of the other groups.


The effects of physical games on brain health may explain improvements in academic performance. This project is aimed to increase the academic success of the target audience through socialization with their peers.

Intelligence and mind games, which are part of Survivor Games, are effective in developing students’ problem solving, reasoning, self-regulation, communication and three-dimensional thinking. In addition to such skills, it helps students develop intelligence types such as linguistic, mathematical, visual, and social intelligence.